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About Bharti Sawant


Bharti Sawant.

Bharti Sawant is a renowned Palmist with a fresh approach for Fortune telling. She has remarkable skills in Numerology and Astrology. Her followers appreciate her for accuracy in Fortune Telling. She is very different in approach as compared to the traditional astrologer, she has a modern approach to this traditional profession. Bharti enjoys talking to her clients and followers, sharing their problems, joys, and sorrows. She becomes a consultant, a guide, a counselor and sometimes a family friend for her followers. That makes her different and unique. Astrology or Palmistry is not her core profession, she does Palmistry to help others by using her unique skills. Bharti also runs a famous tuition academy in Kolhapur, her academy is growing with tremendous pace from the past few years.

Bharti has been practicing Hindu Vedic Natal Astrology and palmistry since 1990 and specialized in Astrology and Jamini Astrology. With her fast grasping powers and years of experience, it does not take Bharti long to decipher the problem and seek a favorable solution. She is not only talented for all aspects of Palmistry but she is also very professional with her approach, she believes in client Confidentiality. Her clientele is not only across India but many of her followers come to consult her from far countries

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Palmistry is a centuries-old tool for self-inquiry. It is based on similar beliefs that your hand impressions and lines reflect your life like you events in past and future can be predicted by using palmistry. Prediction accuracy depends on the experience of person you consult, with experience more accurate forecast of future events can be made.



Numbers hold value, both numerical and spiritual. Numerology, in its simplest terms, is the relationship between a number and its mystical nature on both an individual and worldly level. From ancient time people have believed in Numerology and used it in identify dates for important life events.

Palmistry Overview

Palmistry is part, of Samudra shastra — the study of the body and its features. Hasta samudrikam or hasta samudrika Shastra specifically refers to the study of the lines on the palm. Palmistry is written about in detail in ancient Hindu literature and it’s thought the description of fingers and mounts as symbolic of planetary energies comes through from the Indian or Vedic style.

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